Video Claims Drugs May Not Be True Source Of Addiction

It’s not your chemicals, it’s your cage that’s causing you to abuse drugs claims the above video.

This video talks about a couple peculiar studies involving both rats and humans that seem compelling.

Initial rat studies suggested a single rat left alone in a cage to drink drug-laced water will become addicted when given the choice. Makes sense.

Later another study using a rat ‘theme park’ was used. This time multiple rats were given the chance to socialize, eat delicious rat food, enjoy plenty of rat sex, and have plenty of fun rat were studied. This time the rats avoided the drug laced water and opted for regular water instead.

Vietnam war and drug use

The Vietnam war was also used as a case-study to drive home this point. Up to 20% of the war fighters while in Vietnam were smoking or injecting heroin. Given the circumstances, heroin wasn’t a bad escape when considering a daily knock on death’s door from gunshot or landmine was in the equation.

But after the return home from the war, most opium users stopped. They didn’t enter into rehab, they didn’t claim addiction as a disease. No, they went back to their normal life.

So this begs the question, is it the drug or is it the self-imposed cage we put ourselves in? And is it the desire to escape that cage the reason we consume these drugs to the point of  physical and mental addiction? What does this mean for those looking to quit?